New Generation Solar is committed to providing the best solar solutions for your business or home. If your questions and concerns are not listed below, please contact our team today!

Q. How much will the purchase and installation of a solar energy system and inverter cost?

A. It depends on energy requirements and space requirements. Working in partnership with the New Generation Solar team, our installers can provide you with a tailored quote that meets your needs and provides you the highest possible return on your Renewable energy investment.

Q. What size system will I need to run my home or business?

A. The size of system you will install depends on several factors. These include:

  • How many panels will fit on your roof?
  • Your budget.
  • Your needs, a smaller system may be enough to offset your whole bill. For businesses, a larger system may be required.
  • Your future plans and expected energy usage.

Q. Will installation of this system mean that I will no longer get an electricity bill?

A. You will continue to receive a bill and statement from your energy retailer. If the value of the electricity you have generated and sold back to the grid during the billing period exceeds the value of the electricity drawn from the grid (at around 20c/unit), then you will receive a credit balance on your statements. Synergy and Horizon periodically send cheques out for the value of credits.

Q. What if my available roof space does not face North?

A. Solar power systems can be installed on roofs facing anywhere from due east to due west. North is best for the most effective energy production; however, a well-designed system will match your solar production to your home or business’s electricity consumption.

Q. What happens to my solar energy system on cloudy days?

A. Your system will still produce electricity during cloudy days however production will be less than on sunny days.